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Invitation to the AGILE4CIRC Online National Pilot Workshops

25 Feb Invitation to the AGILE4CIRC Online National Pilot Workshops

In the framework of the AGILE4CIRC project, a training course has been created which provides low-skilled or low- qualified adults with the skills that are in high demand by the labour market and makes the option of being an entrepreneur in the circular and social economy more attractive. One of the innovations of this training course is that it integrates technologies mostly from Agile management.

The online workshop will focus on introducing low-skilled or low-qualified adults or people who are low-qualified in the circular economy business models to the concept of the Circular Economy and the Agile methodology. During the workshops, a selection of the training material that has been developed will be pilot tested.

The activities of the workshop will cover the following units:

  • Unit 1: Creativity and inner business model
  • Unit 2: Motivation and innovation
  • Unit 3: Business creation
  • Unit 4: Business idea generation and evaluation
  • Unit 5: Skills and mind state development
  • Unit 6: Social innovation, circular economy

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the pilot workshop will be offered online in the coming days with many interactive activities and will have a duration of 2 days. 125 adults will be trained in 5 workshops from all 6 partner countries of the project. The best five projects from each country will be invited to a transnational event that will be hosted online with international working teams and influential speakers.

If you think that you are interested in participating, please fill-in the application form and we will send you soon another email with all the details.

Follow us in our Facebook page to know more for the project and if you want any additional information about the workshops, just send us an email to

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